Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fill your feeds with motivation

Not too long ago, I realized a majority of the posts showing up in my Facebook feed were about friends on a night out (drinks, dinners, happy hours), family, or some random page I liked in the past.  I didn’t check Facebook too often - but when I did, it wasn’t really helping me shift my focus towards health.  In some ways, it actually took things in the opposite direction – presenting many opportunities for a night out doing things I didn’t need to be doing.  Then I thought, why not use it as a tool for motivation!

It didn’t take long to shift the balance of what showed up in my feed.  I started by brainstorming who I see as health-focused friends and role models (which is an interesting exercise in itself).  

Then, I went to their profile to see what pages they followed (see the “Likes” section). I clicked on a few that caught my attention, read the last couple posts, and if it was something I wanted to see on a regular basis, I “Liked” it.  Soon my feed was filling up with ideas to try or just simple motivation.

P.S.  While I was writing this post, I was thinking maybe even I should have a page to share information like this.  So I decided to create a Facebook page for  If these posts are helpful, and you want to see more – add it to your feed.  I will try my best to share my experiences in a way that gives you ideas to try and motivation for changes you may want to make.  

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