Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baby Steps - Put it Over Greens

Today I was in a situation that has happened many times before.  And will happen many times again.  Sitting in a restaurant not by my choosing, and staring at a menu consisting of burgers, pizza, sandwiches and tacos.  Choices, choices, choices.

One little baby step towards lifestyle change….put it over greens.

Barbacoa taco over greens
You can get that baracoa beef taco trio.  You can have some of the pizza the family wants to order.  Just ask for it to be put over a big pile of greens….or a big pile of greens on the side - so you can scrape the pizza toppings on top of it, for example.  

You get the flavor you may be craving, the greens to start supporting your health, and the good feeling of having made that one small change.

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