Saturday, November 19, 2016

Getting Uncomfortable

In about an hour, I will be stepping into a new group workout that seems waaaay beyond my abilities, with not only gym rats but actual athletes.  In fact, last Saturday I worked out along the side while class was being done.…just to see what it's like, preparing myself to join sometime in the future. But at the end of my pt session this week, my coach said I should come to the class on Saturday.  

I wonder what the look on my face was - I'm thinking it was shock, horror, and doubt....having immediate discomfort with the idea.  Even though it was the same situation I've been in before (about a year ago I joined an Anytime Fitness class, bravely thinking I could do it, I just needed to modify things)...this one is a little bit different. This time, it wasn't me thinking I'm ready, but someone else thinking I'm ready.

Coincidently, I'm having similar conversations in my professional life.  When talking about personal development goals for the upcoming year, my boss is steering the conversations towards things that are uncomfortable (even towards the one thing that I know I am not good at, and don't care to do).

There seems to be a theme going on right now.  There's many, many quotes talking about making yourself uncomfortable in order to grow.  And then there's living it.  So here we go!