Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pauses in the Day

Got up at 6 am like clockwork on a weekend away.  Why I don't get up to be outside like this everyday...I don't know.  It's such a refreshing and peaceful way to start off your day.  Instead of immediately going to electronics and the online world.

Might be implementing some time limits to change up routine.  Five minutes max in the morning to check if anything has an immediate need or if the world is going to explode.  Then get up, get outside (if only for 5 minutes), and move a little.  Chances are...I'll want to keep moving, which would be a much better start to the day.

Same goes for after work.  Twenty minutes of nothing, to make the transition, and then decide what else I will do next.  Thoughts are that the little pauses throughout the day may help adjust old routines, and better choices will be more likely to follow.

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