Thursday, July 16, 2015

Late to the Summer Challenge

It's halfway through the summer and I've only been into my gym 6 times.  I realized this when I noticed the Summer Challenge sign-up sheet posted at the gym.  It was something I did last year for the first time and was quite proud of it - 40 days between June and August.  This year!...I'm a little late to the party.

As I made calculations in my head to figure out if it was still possible, more thoughts started streaming I up for the extra challenge...what if I have a lot of things going on...what if other things come I ready for a routine like would be a major daily priority shift....

And then as soon as the word "priority" came across, I knew the answer had to be yes.  So I looked at my calendar and started scheduling in workouts - figuring out how to make it work even on busy days.  Now this probably wouldn't have worked for me last year, but this year - a different mindset.

What's your Summer Challenge?  Big or small.  They're all equal, when the challenge is right for you.

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